Help support The Cob Gallery Publish ‘Measuring Elvis’

The Cob Gallery and Nina are collaborating on the first full publication of the artists work to date – ‘ Measuring Elvis’

The key aim of this project is to produce a desirable and relevant book, which will include in depth analysis of Nina’s key drawing series, as well as independent essays written about Nina and her practice. […] Read More

The Art Car Boot Fair

Nina Fowler Print will be available at the 11th edition of The Art Car Boot Fair. The fair will take place just off Brick Lane, in London, on Sunday 8th June 2014.

We will be setting up our vintage car boot alongside other artists including: Sir Peter Blake, Tracey Emin, Mat Collishaw, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Keith Coventry, Gavin Turk and many more…. […] Read More

New Piano Bar Opens In London

The Wigmore Street branch of restaurant ‘Black and Blue’ has opened a beautiful new piano bar in it’s basement, where Nina Fowler Print hangs on the walls.

[…] Read More

Success at The Other Art Fair

Nina Fowler Print returned to The Other Art Fair last weekend following the launch of seven new prints.

The fair was hugely enjoyable and successful. Starting with a busy opening night and meeting lots of new people throughout the weekend.

The most popular print at the fair was ‘Norma’ from the Tracing series, this print is still on sale for a limited period.

From the new line of prints ‘The Irresistible Force meets The Immovable Object’ and ‘Giant’ also proved very popular with only a two prints of ‘Giant’ now remaining.

Thank you for visiting us at the The Other Art Fair, more pictures of the fair, the booth and the new prints can be seen over at Nina’s Facebook page here

Nina Fowler Print at The Other Art Fair

Nina Fowler Print will be returning to The Other Art Fair this April following the successful launch of the limited edition prints back in November 2012. The fair runs from April 24 – 27, for visiting information please visit the website: The Other Art Fair

We will be exhibiting 7 new framed prints including […] Read More

Nina Fowler Print – The story so far…

Nina Fowler Print was first launched at The Other Art Fair in 2012. The idea of producing prints of Fowler’s original works was conceived as a way of giving collectors the opportunity to access works which are now in private/public collections and to enjoy her large scale drawings on a more intimate level. Nina Fowler Print also features series such as ‘Tracings’ which exist only as prints and come from the preparatory work of originals, which give an insight into otherwise unseen aspects of her practice.

Since the launch in 2012, Nina Fowler Print has exhibited in various locations in London including The Cob Gallery, The Anise Gallery and with The Truscott Arts Programme.